Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mixed Media Postcard Swap and Friendship

Shannon Ganshorn is once again hosting her International Mixed Media Postcard Swap Version 4.0 so of course, I signed up. You can too. Deadline for signing up is May 10.  You send out 10 postcards and get 10 in return. I've been working on mine. Each is a little different but the overall design is the same. I made two new friends last round. Jill is now a member of heARTist Trading Cards which is also the reason I will continue to do these kinds of trades.

Today was also my interview for becoming a resident artist at ClaySpace. I will admit to being a little nervous but there truly was no reason. Theresa was warm and welcoming and Sharon who sat in unofficially was a jewel as always. I will be presented to the board for a vote then placed on the waiting list. Not sure when I will become an RA. Hopefully I will only have to wait a couple of months. I feel strongly that ClaySpace is going to continue to help me grow as an artist and a person. I love the people I am getting to know. I've been putting poems on Hannah's shelf, a 26 year-old with an old, caring  soul, after learning we shared Mary Oliver as our favorite poet. Today I found on my shelf a gift from Hannah. I am blessed and sad. Hannah is moving to upper Minnesota at the end of May.  I am sure we will stay in touch. We have shared such a deep connection. When was the last time you made a new friend with someone much younger?

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  1. I do like your postcard with the bird in the square, it's beautifully proportioned. I agree with you about the Dresden Files books, they are good.


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