Friday, April 5, 2013

Feather Quilt- Opinion Needed

The first thing I want you to know is that it is square. I just threw it quickly on the design wall to photograph and did not take the time to straighten it. I often photograph my quilts because seeing them in a photo can often make me see things I do not see when looking at it in person.

The first photograph show what I have put together as of last night. I am vowing to push this quilt as far as I can take it so remember, this is just the beginning. I plan to add words, more texture, etc. I had a piece of fabric I am considering sitting in my coffee cup all night so that it would be less white. My son did not even skip a beat when he watched me take it out this morning before refilling it.

My vision for  this piece is to make it be about loss and rebirth.

I would really like to include the linen indigo piece (see photo 2) but I am not sure it works. It might be a case where I want it to work, not that it does work. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Joining Nina-Marie for her Off the Wall Fridays.


  1. Love the colour, I think I like the top one as it is.
    I always take photos as well, and then audition things in Photoshop.

  2. Karen, I see an image of a person in the bottom right piece. You said this was about loss and rebirth, can you make use of the image? I two use photos in my work. It's interesting to see how much my pieces change from beginning to end.

  3. Love this! It's quite lovely and it will be a delight to see it when its completed! The fabric you asked about..of course it has colors that mesh nicely with the fabric at the top and later, down, but right where it is just now, to me it projects its presence more than the elements you want to feature. I would be tempted to incorporate it, if you really love it, and really want to use it anyway and use it in a little accent way..a little feather set upon that lower section, perhaps? I do know that my own computer's color is 'off' and adjustments haven't helped so I know you will see with your own artist's inner eye if it needs to belong or it needs to sit a spell until you feel your 'aha' moment, in another piece. But overall, this is just lovely!!!

  4. I totally agree about photographing to see things that might be evident to just looking at a piece. I think the image in the lower right is really interesting and I didn't notice it at first because the center value is so light. The mystery in the lower right gets me thinking.

  5. I love the feather feature in you piece. It is wonderful. I am not sure the extra piece works for me. I found it distracted me from the feather, which I wanted to be the prominent feature. It does look like a human figure.

    I would find a white feather and maybe some beads in the lower rt corner.

    It is a beautiful piece. Whatever you do with it, it will be perfect.

  6. I really like the first photo, BUT adding the linen piece really speaks to the theme of loss, Might you try putting it toward the upper left and the feather to the bottom right????

  7. I think it is a stronger piece without the second piece. Very nice work!

  8. Gosh, I like it both ways, but if I had to vote, I'd go with #1. It's absolutely striking.


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