Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stones, Handwork and Relaxation

Handwork is relaxing for me. I like to travel with an applique project. I have had some of the best conversations because of my handwork. I'll never forget the crowd I had around me on the plane in Frankfort, Germany, on one of my trips to Georgia. I even sold a small quilt I had been beading! Anyway, my family always teases me that I finish too much before the trip. It's true. Two days ago, I cut out the stones for this new quilt and last night I finished what I had cut out. Will have to add cutting out more stones to my to do list for today. I'm still not sure I will even be allowed to applique on the airplane. While I can bring 4 inch scissors, needles are another story and it's totally up to airport security whether or not I can carry scissors (I lost my favorite fold-up scissors on one trip from O'Hare Airport. For this trip, I'm flying out of Midway.). Anyway, I am liking and enjoying my new stone quilt. There are still a lot more stones to add before it is done. The discharged piece was created in one of my workshops as a demonstration piece in Georgia (country not state) and it feels good and fitting to be using it. I'll share more as it progresses. In the mean time, share with me what you do to relax on trips. By the way, if I can't applique, I'll probably write.

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