Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beading: Ten Hours and Counting

Yesterday I hung out with my friend Barbara and we decided to work on quilts instead of our usual Christmas gifts (denial has set in). I was able to get the quilting and facing done. When I got home, I decided to begin adding bead (sorry I know they are tough to see in the photo. Do remember that you can click on the photo and it get bigger.). People are always asking me how long I spend doing different things so I decided to keep track of the time I spent beading this quilt. I'm using size 11 bronze colored seed beads from Japan that I purchased in 2001 (I know this because Rings and Things always put the dates on things.). I only have 2-3 more places that I want to add beads so I should be able to put a fork in it and call it done soon.


  1. I know all about using small beads on a quilt. I have never counted the hours that I have spent. Love the quilt!

    1. I never have either, but I am constantly asked. Now I have an answer! Hugs, Karen


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