Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12/12/12 More Thoughts

Want to start your 12" by 12" 12/12/12 quilt today? Knock yourself out.
Start your piece on 12/12/12 and don't get it finished until sometime after the date. That's okay too.
Say you're going to do it then don't. Life happens.

It looks like quite a few people will be creating pieces on their birthdays or to celebrate the birthday of someone else. Excellent!

I am not a quilt police. I am not here to judge. Just want to have some fun, commemorate a fun moment in time and provide an opportunity to share.

I don't want any say on what you create or how you do it. The only "rule" is that it should be 12" by 12". I wanted to keep it simple, easy and in theme.

I would love for those who have a blog to advertise the other people with blogs those who are participating. Send me your info and I will share it. I'll even start now:

Barbara Wester 
Sylvia Lewis

A magazine might be interested in publishing an article. Depends on the quilts which is understandable so keep this in mind.

You can sign up any time, even on 12/12/12. Don't forget to send me your full name and a link to your blog (if you have one).

Let the fun begin!

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