Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Zen of Cucumber Dreams

This month's color exchange for Arts in the Cards is "cucumber." I often begin my thought process about the challenges by looking for quotes. I couldn't believe looking through my journal of quotes that I actually had one that mentioned cucumber: "To see cucumbers in a dream denotes that you will speedily fall in love. Or, if you are in love, then you will marry the object of your affection." (Richard Folkard in Plant Love, 1884) A few days after finding the quote, I played peek-a-boo with a cucumber beetle that was eating one of my Cosmo flowers. He was quite camera shy. Every time I tried to take his photograph, he moved quickly to the back of the flower which made his image a blur. If he wasn't going to let me photograph him, I would draw him instead. I knew I wanted an interesting background so while searching through my photographs, I came across one that I look when I was playing with my dad's miniature Zen garden. I changed the color in Photo Shop and added the quote. For the cucumber beetle, I used ink, Inka Gold and fabric markers and added beads for his eyes. He's fused onto the background. Success! And I am done before the sign up deadline! It's so nice when ideas come together quickly and there are no worries about meeting a deadline. Who could ask for anything more!


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    1. Glad you think so. He was really cute in real life. Hugs, Karen


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