Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Cardborad Box Typography Apple

Several people asked me if I took a photo of the box before I cut it up to make my first apple and I had to say, "no." The idea hit and I went into action. When making the second and smaller apple (5.5 h" by 6.5" w), I did. Here is a photo of the ends of the box before I cut it up. I love that the handle created a bite out of the apple! These have been so much fun to make!


  1. LOVE the apple! Especially the 'bite'.
    What an amazing carton that beer comes in - you should tell the brewers that their boxes have a 'cult' following. teehee

  2. what a cool box! no wonder you were inspired. What kind is it? so maybe I can get some :-)

    1. It's from a brewery in Munster, IN. 3 Floyds. Good luck! Hugs, Karen

  3. Karen,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog to get to know you better. Your ideas are delightful and your words thoughtful. I will give the cardboard fruit a try any pointers to share? I wish you had more comments from your readers, the lack of communication would become frustrating for me.
    Keep up your wonderful, beautiful, clever work!


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