Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Cardboard Box Becomes an Apple

My husband brought home beer from one of his favorite breweries, Three Floyds, in the most amazing cardboard box. I would not let him break it down and recycle. It has sat in my kitchen for some time waiting for inspiration to strike and it did yesterday.  I started by making a pear out of the bottom to see if I could actually make my idea work. The pear is not finished and I'll share it when it is done. I decided that by constructing another pear I would not use as much as the design on the box as possible so I decided to make an apple. Late yesterday we had a storm blow through and knocked this wonderful stick out of my locust tree. Continuing to play with typography and having lots of words let over from my Ransom Note ATCs, I decided to add words most related to beer. My favorite is "Barkeep, a glass of Sarsaparilla." I also added some seeds for fun. I was pleasantly surprised by how much my husband liked it (including the twig) so I gave it to him.  The apple is 7.5" h x 7" w. When you add the stick, it becomes around 15 inches tall. I am seeing cardboard boxes in a new light.

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