Sunday, October 30, 2011

Clutter Busting

I brake for articles and books about clutter because it's seems that it's one of the crosses I apparently give myself to bear. Or so I thought. This book, Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What is Holding You Back, is different. It explains that clutter happens because of beliefs and unresolved issues. Palmer asks ample questions, giving you lots of food for thought. The exercises pave the way toward deep work, self-knowledge, and understanding. His main premise is that it is you who is sacred, not your things. The book explores such fundamental topics as the false identities we assume through clutter, the feat of change those junk piles represent, the addictive nature of holding on to objects, how clearing clutter makes room for clarity and sweeps away confusion and stasis and much more.

I love the quote at the beginning of the book by Ramesh Balsekar, With all the things you have in your life, are you any more happy than your dog?

Palmer has a blog too! He has performed stand-up comedy for years and this is evident in both the book and blog. While he as been featured in national and local media (he lives in Chicago), I had not heard of him. I discovered the book while pursing the clutter section at my local library and I'm so glad that I brought it home. Visiting his website, I discovered that he has a new book coming out next year. Hopefully, I won't need it!

I'm a pile maker. What kind of clutter do you battle?

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