Friday, October 14, 2011

Sticks and Stones--Learning to Let Go

I constantly tell my students to not over think their work. Well I started a new quilt and I just could not figure out how to make my vision come together. I decided that I was simply thinking about it too much. I am taking my own advice. The quilt I am allowing to rest deals with how labeling/naming each other serves no one. I just could not get, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names really do hurt me," out of my head so last night I decided to do a quilt with sticks and stones. Anyone coming into my home knows how much I love rocks as there are bowls of them everywhere.

The photo shared here is just a small detail (upper left hand corner). I will share more as I work on it. Beginning this quilt instantly released so much tension that I was feeling and I am excited about the project. I have always found handwork to be relaxing and hand appliqueing this piece made me realize how much I have missed handwork. What do you find most relaxing? How easy is it for you to let go of something that isn't working for you?


  1. I love hand work... Just had to let go of an idea, had a deadline and it was not working, not mixing right.. So went on another tangent and suddenly, like you, I now love it, and looking forward to doing hand work on it.. I love the big stitch, and always throw some Pearl Cotton in my dye baths,, just in case I will need it.. Even have dyed embroidery thread... vivian helena

  2. Vivian, You are a kindred soul! I love pearl cotton too! Hugs, Karen


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