Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Geared Up tp Paint ATCs

The new theme for the Arts in the Cards group is "Hardware." There is a joke in my family that if you stand still long enough that you will get painted. My sister even gave me a Christmas ornament that is a women with a paint brush and can of paint covered with different paint colors. So most of my trips to the hardware store is for paint. I even share in my lecture how I found the perfect color of periwinkle to paint the shutters on my house (which I did when Tom, my husband let on a business trip) in the section where rejected paint goes. The best $5.00 I ever spent! I added gears which also helped with my title! It was fun returning to making something out of fabric. I think this has also inspired me to work on a new quilt using graffiti images. The paper I am using to figure out the design (72" by 42") is laid out in my family room (only place with good lighting and space). Tom keeps saying, "You're not planning to spray paint in the family room, are you?" I just smile.

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