Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Language of Letting Go

Thank you to everyone for the birthday greetings and wishes. It was one of my better birthdays and you certainly contributed to making it so. After posting, I got news that my book proposal was turned down. I won't lie. I cried. However, I did not let it spoil the day AND at least it's not my writing that was the issue. So I simply reworked the proposal, sent it out and focused on my day.

Since I got so many e-mails about letting go, I thought I would share an excerpt from one of my favorite books, The Language of Letting Go, by Melody Beattie. I highly recommend it.

Letting Go, Dec. 4
"How much do we need to let go of" a friend asked one day.
"I'm not certain," I replied, "but maybe everything."
Letting go is a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical process, a sometimes mysterious metaphysical process of releasing to God and the universe that which we are clinging to so tightly.

We let go of our grasp on people, outcomes, ideas, feelings, wants, desires, everything. We let go of trying to control our progress in recovery. Yes, it's important to acknowledge and accept what we want and what we want to happen. But it's equally important to follow through by letting go.

Letting go is the action part of faith. It is a behavior that gives God and the universe permission to send us what we're meant to have.

Letting go means we acknowledge that hanging on so tightly isn't helping to solve the problem, change the person or get the outcome we desire. It isn't helping us. In fact, we learn that hanging on often blocks us from what we want and need.

Who are we to say that things aren't happening exactly as they need to happen?

There is magic in letting go. Sometimes we get what we want soon after we let go. Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes the specific outcome we desire doesn't happen. Something better does.

Letting go sets us free and connects us to our Source.
Letting go creates the optimum environment for the best possible outcomes and solutions.

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