Monday, August 24, 2009

Heard from Joy!

Today in the mail was a letter from Joy and just like her name so was her letter. I want to share some of her words with you. "My quilt only expressed my thought on long term incarceration and how important it is to live a celebrated female life. I'm glad to read the feedback because even though I had several positive comments, I felt oddly embarrassed with my verbal communication." Isn't she amazing!

I also need to share with you that after twelve "difficult" years and many appeals, she has been proven innocent of the murder of her husband. Her attorney has filed a petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus. She expects a decision soon. She also wants to make a quilt about her the next chapter in her life. I hope she writes me again. There is no bitterness in her. I'm not sure that I could be as forgiving and serene as Joy. She signed off with this wish to me--"May your future be colored by the warm fabric of compassion, compelling texture of community and stitched with the rich thread of life." I wish this for her and you, too.


  1. That is wonderful. I hope she keeps in touch with you. What a story!!

  2. I hope she keeps in touch with me too. I remain hopeful that I will hear from more of them and especially Ronda. Fingers crossed. hugs, k

  3. Once again, I've been moved to tears. I hope this works for her and that she isn't shunted off to that horrible "near release" point you were telling me about.... I hope she is able to do many more quilts and SHOW them.


  4. Lisa, I am going to do whatever I can to support her quilt efforts. I'll keep you posted! hugs, k


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