Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hugh Mann

When I was working on Donna Sue Grove's healing quilt, I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to contribute in any way that they were able. This is how I became friends with 63 year old doctor of medicine and poet ( Hugh Mann. It is his poetry that connected and continues to connect us. I love when his poems appear in my inbox. He sent me a poem which I included on Donna Sue's quilt (photo). I don't know Hugh well. However, I can tell you that he is kind and has a great sense of humor. Here is his poem that I got today. Enjoy!


In Alimentarium
In the Cellulosum section
Lived a soft-hearted Hoosier named Indiana Banana.
Long and lean, he liked to hang out
with a bunch of friends.

In the Butcherinum section
Lived a salty Virginian named Sam the Ham.
Short and fat, he couldn't be cured
of his craving for sugar.

One day, Sam called Indiana yellow
And challenged Cellulosum to a tug of war.
Indiana pealed with zest
And arranged the meet on the Isle of Dairyana.

Everyone was prepared:
For Cellulosum, there were Indiana,
the Sacramento Tomato Twins,
and Artie, Mrs. Choke's son.
For Butcherinum, there were Sam, Vinnie Veal,
Bennie Beef, and Sam's cousin, Sal Spam.
Manny Manager, Stanley Stockboy, and
Charlie Checkout served as judges.

The players were mustered
And relished the caper.
To add spice, each team had cheerleaders:
Cellulosum had the Veggies
Butcherinum had the Patties.
Near the end, Cellulosum got the razzberry
for unnecessary roughage.

After two hours, Butcherinum ran out of muscle
and couldn't catch up.
Cellulosum planted their feet, held their ground,
and steamed to victory.
Later, at dinner, everyone danced the Casa-Roll
and toasted Hosanna Banana!

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