Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Everything is fabric, clothing to the very end. Everything turns to dust, but dust is just an extreme covering; it envelops everything. 
            -Mario Peniola, "Between Clothing and                                             Nudity"

This morning brought two emails concerning my playing with permanent markers and rubbing alcohol. The juxtaposition of these emails has given me lots of food for thought.

The first email was from a person who did not like what I was doing. Wasn't I concerned with how "permanent" (her quote marks), my piece would be? Considering that I am dealing with my dad dying right now, the question seemed easy to answer. "Nope." But, to be honest, it would probably have been my answer regardless. Her next question was, "How can you lead people in this direction?" This stumped me. I don't know if I am leading anyone. I am simply sharing. If I can get one person to play and experiment, it's a good day.

The next set of emails came from Liz Broussard of Houston, Texas, and made my day. Liz generously shared all her experiences with playing with and teaching this technique. Her suggestion to use a q-tip for more control which was immediately put to use (around the outside edges of the feather fabric). I look forward to sharing more with Liz. Thanks Liz!

So play, experiment, make mistakes (lots of them), learn, grow, throw caution to the wind! What do you have to loose?


  1. I'm a lurker on your blog most of the time, but I just had to make a comment--I love that you're showing what you're playing with. I think it's great and you do inspire. Your "Pay-it-Forward" post a few days past has inspired me to do something--mine will be more random as my circumstances of the moment won't allow for 10 people to give to, but I am going to find at least one person in this next year to send something to. So thanks!

    1. You made my day! Thanks! Send me your address, please.


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