Saturday, October 13, 2012

Skelton Charms

I couldn't make it to open studio to play with clay so I decided to play with polymer clay. My youngest son (28 years old) joined the fun. He actually made better skulls than I did in the beginning. They are about 4 inches tall (from top of hanger to bottom of feet). The skull that is darker was cooked at a temperature that was too high. I actually like it the best. Two will grace trick or treat bags that I am making my two great nieces. I only get to see them twice a year so I try to send them love in the mail. I haven't a clue what I will do with the rest. They were just a lot of fun to make. It felt good to just be silly and have fun with my son. It definitely took the sting of not being able to attend open studio. Life is simply too short not to have as much fun in life as possible!


  1. Love this! My fibre art group is playing with polymer clay this week, so this is timely for me. Thanks!!

    1. You are more than welcome. They were a lot of fun. Let me know what you do!


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