Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fuchsia ATCs

I remember when I first became aware of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and I thought, "I could never make art 2.5" by 3"5"." Never say never. I now believe that making ATCs is a great way to play, try something new, and learn from others. I highly recommend making and trading them.

I had intended to clean/reorganize my paper supplies but a photo caught my eye and inspiration struck. Cleaning could wait another day. This month's theme for Arts in the Cards is Fuchsia (color not flower). The deadline for sign up isn't until the 7th, but when inspiration strikes I know better than to wait. I manipulated the photo in Photoshop, used a rubberstamp to add the writing, watercolor around the edges, paper and stickers. Done! Can't wait to see what everyone else does. Feels good to have this done and off my plate. I even made some Halloween ATCs. I was on a roll! I'll share those with you tomorrow. Happy creating!


  1. Love what you decided to do! Can't wait to see these in person - Prefect little special additions and fripperies and well, who can argue with the theme of 'dream'?!

    1. You are always so kind and your work always inspires me!


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