Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catching Up and Other Thoughts

Time seems to slip by so quickly lately. I have been spending some time gardening mostly in my son's and daughter-in-law's yard. Gardening teaches me so much. I am very present when I'm working in my garden and wonderful ideas often pop into my head. Actually, I don't consider it work, I even call it "playing in the dirt."  Gardening is also a great stress reducer for me which I seem to need lately. So time to do a little catching up.

One of Ava's, a member of Las puntadas del alma/Stitches of the Soul, quilts went missing. I don't know why, but in my heart I knew it would turn up. When the stuffed envelope turned up in my mailbox, I honestly wasn't thinking about Ava's quilt. I was wondering what the heck I had ordered and forgotten. Why it was mailed to me and not Ava, I can't answer. Nor can I answer who mailed it as there was no return address. Frankly, I didn't care and still don't. It had turned up! Ava chose to pick it up in person. We had lunch (salads at Penera's) and visited Pieceful Heart Fabrics. I got to see the sweet garden quilt that Ava is making with her granddaughter and I got to share some of my new work with her. It was only later in the evening that it occurred to me that we would not have had this wonderful time together had her quilt not gone missing. I want to thank the person who returned it for this wonderful gift (and of course for returning the quilt).

While at the quilt shop, I ran into one of my former students, Kathy. She shared with me that in the last five years the only quilts she has finished are the quilt-as-you-go ones from the classes I taught.  Made me happy! I got to see the fabric for her next one--a "techie" quilt. She had some fabulous fabrics! The hug was appreciated too. I'm a hugger. One of my nieces, Jennifer, even describes me that way. "Look out my Aunt Karen is a hugger. You will be hugged." I am a firm believe that we need at least three just to maintain.

Yesterday I had a strange message on m answering machine. I did recognize the name so I decided to give her a call. She didn't mean to call me and we are not even sure how she got my number because she called using a list from the AQSG conference and I didn't attend. We ended by talking for almost two hours and I have a new friend--Gail Ingram! I love when these kind of things happen in life.

Whenever I go to a funeral of someone I know well, I marvel at how the person is portrayed. So seldom is the wonderfully imperfect person present instead I hear idealized descriptions and wonder, "Who are they talking about?" Okay, I know this is meant to comfort, but it only sanitizes the life of the deceased. To know someone fully and love them in spite of, even because of, their imperfections is an act that requires us to recognize and forgive, two important qualities we should all embrace. Because if we can do that for others, just maybe we can do it for ourselves. It is our fallibility and uncertainty that make us human. Our constant challenge is not to seek perfection in ourselves and others, but to find ways to be happy in an imperfect world. When I die, share all the good and the bad. And please make sure you share the funny too.

And before I forget, the plant in the photograph is an Acanthus Spinosus (Spiny Bear's Breeches) and it's in my front yard next to my lime green bird bath. The flower is 16 inches tall. I feel in love with this plant the instant I saw it. I want another one!

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