Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pencil Roll and the Land of What Was I Thinking?

I find myself in the land of "what was I thinking" more and more. I've been having sinus problems and a call back for my mammogram (ultrasound on Tuesday) so I've been distracted. I decided to work on something that I thought would be mindless and get a couple of gifts off my Christmas list. These pencil rolls are for my great-nieces whom I adore. Of course I had to purchase the cool metallic pencils, not thinking about how difficult it would be to find matching fabric. It wasn't really all that difficult, just time consuming. However, I successfully did it without shopping! I do love my stash. I want a set of the metallic pencils now too!

It takes courage to step out of our comfort zones and open ourselves to opportunities. I decided to start my own group based on women and social issues. The group's name is "Crossing the Line: Artists at Work" (CLAW). I am really excited and cannot wait to see the quilts! I am limiting the group to 20 members and there are only a couple of openings. I am asking for a real commitment.  If you are interested, please contact me and I'll send you the information on our first exhibition which is titled Women Who Break All the Rules.


  1. Good luck with the mammogram call back -- I hate it when that happens.


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