Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bonnie's Boxes

I love when something I post makes someone share. My friend, Bonnie Smith, has some incredible boxes on her blog which she made out of her watercolor drawings. Now I have to go dig out more stuff for boxes. Love it! Thanks Bonnie for sharing. Go check it out!


  1. Love those boxes Karen. I saw watercolors made into boxes in Golden, CO when visiting there. I lusted after them but confess I forgot all about them until I saw the link on your blog to Bonnie's boxes.

  2. I think the cover is really quite beautiful and imparts a feeling of taste and authority. One of the things that I like is the way the color scheme is keyed to the repeating pattern in the quilt of the photo. The fact that THAT quilt is not in the book is troubling however!

    My favorite thing the designer has done is to choose a font with a very beautiful and dramatic uppercase Q. The word "Quilts" becomes a beautiful element in the design.


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