Saturday, November 26, 2011


My daughter-in-law brought a 6 year old named Elizabeth to our Thanksgiving feast. Sang is Elizabeth's mentor and wanted Elizabeth to experience a "typical" (not sure how true that is) Thanksgiving. Elizabeth was naturally quite shy in the beginning. I had worried that she would be bored. I think one of the best things I have done in my home was paint the door to our garage with chalkboard paint. Usually there is a drawing from my great-niece Alexis on the door. Since Alexis is a kind and caring person, I did not think she would mind if Elizabeth replaced her drawing. Alexis will give me a new one when I see her at Christmas as is our tradition. For me it is interesting that she drew a storm. The z's are lightning. Sang is there next to Elizabeth. I made it into the drawing too. I am touching the thorns on the flower and Elizabeth is rescuing me.

The one thing that Elizabeth wanted to do and did so with enthusiasm was clean my studio. It was so much fun! She delighted in everything. "This is soooo beautiful," she would shout with glee as she picked up pieces of fabric from the floor. We actually made great progress and I never had so much fun cleaning my studio.

Elizabeth promised that she would come every time Sang visited me. I sure hope I have the opportunity to spend time with her again. She made this Thanksgiving one to remember. Have any good memories of this Thanksgiving?

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