Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prayer Flag-Be Peace

I decided that my flags will carry active messages just as many years ago I started using "Make it a great day," instead of "Have a great day." So for this prayer flag my message is to "be peace" instead of just "peace." Not only does this message go out into the world to end wars but also for each of us to find peace within ourselves. I know this is a struggle for me--to be at peace with myself.

This flag used a batik, the last piece of a commercial fabric that I loved (it's at least 15 years old and raw edged appliqued) and some organza ribbon (fused with Misty Fuse), photo transfer (image from a friend), and lettering done with a fabric marker.

Be Peace.


  1. very peaceful and beautiful message.......if we could all "be"

  2. What a wonderful motto. Peace is something that has to be achieved, and it takes our energy to do this. Yes, I very much agree: It is not just "there" -- it takes an invitation... rather: a request to join and do it.

  3. Eva, What you say is so true. Thanks! Karen


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