Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prayer Flag-Be Kind

There is so much impatience these days. We seem to have forgotten each other. I've tried to place myself in the other person's shoes instead of being impatient or judgmental. This is not easy. Today I needed to run into the grocery store to pick up one needed item. No one was at the 10 items or less cash register so I was stuck in a long line for impatient people. The male in the couple in front of me seem particularly aggravated and he was taking it out on his wife. His verbal assault got to the point where I felt I could not hold my tongue. My first inclination was to admonish him then I remembered my promise to myself to "be kind" whenever possible. So instead I choose to say, "I suspect you are having a bad day. It really is frustrating to have to wait." This seemed to distract him from calling his wife names. He seemed to soften. We chatted a while and the line moved forward. I wished them both a great day when they finished and turned to the business of paying when the woman came quickly running back. I almost knocked into her. She quickly thanked me asking, "No one has ever spoken up for me." "How sad," is all I could think at the time. Kindness doesn't take anything to do. Be Kind.

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  1. It's very interesting how you reacted...I don't know if I'd do that but I will remember this the next time something like this happens to me... thank you Karen.


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