Friday, February 12, 2010

The Earth Moved

We had a blizzard with close to 10 inches of snow and an 4.3 earthquake on the same day. What excitement are you having in your part of the world? Sorry to have gone MIA. I'm trying to work instead of spending time on the computer. The disconnect has been wonderful. The muse is speaking to me and I am listening.

I'm working on my Presidential House quilt. More on that later. I did get the wall together. Here is a part so that you can see the results of my rock shibori dyeing. I love the texture that the string caused. However, I don't think I had it tight enough. Also the smaller rocks caused too much to be covered which caused large areas not to dye. I had thought this might happen. I had extra squares just in case. It was interesting that while the pieces were all cut about the same size, they did not end up that way. I also dyed some of the pieces without rocks. Live and learn. This was fun and I will give it another try. However, this piece will have to wait until the quilt that I am working on is completed. I feel so much of my explorations and thoughts lately are all coming together. I want to embrace this period of flow because I know it will not go on forever.

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