Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tote Bag Crazy

At first I wasn't going to share my latest obsession which is making tote bags for family and friends for the holidays, but obviously I've changed my mind. A friend shared that she didn't think this counted as "making art" and I don't totally disagree. However, I am having fun playing with fabric and color combination AND making something for people I love. It has also gotten me into the habit of being in my studio every day. I can't thank Lisa enough. It also frees my brain to think and I have to tell you my brain has been on overdrive! The dresses came out of creating them so I can't totally agree that these tote bags are not about creating art.


  1. Miss Karen, the totes look like art to me!

  2. art, art... what do experts think today, and what will people in 100 or 500 years think about our art? Will they accept the idea of art of today's experts at all? Or will they say: "We don't accept anything useless to be art"?

  3. P.S. of course, this is not my point of view, but I don't think that a piece with a purpose is disqualified from being art.


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