Monday, December 7, 2009

How to Spot an Artist

My neighbor was walking her dog and stopped me on the way to my mailbox. She wanted to know if I was an artist. I said, "yes" even though sometimes I struggle with the idea. Her quick reply was "I thought so."  When I asked her how she knew, she just replied, "It was easy to see." I was cold ) no coat and her dog was impatient to continue walking so further conversation didn't happen but it has gotten me thinking. Painter Mary Todd Beam has a list. An artist:

  • Knows whare she keeps her her muse.
  • Knows how to play and take risks.
  • Searches for meaning through universal experiences.
  • Senses the "flow" and runs with it.
  • Defines herself though her work.
  • Works toward a goal.


  1. to the last point I'd like to add "...without knowing it".

  2. Maybe she will elaborate another time.


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