Friday, May 22, 2009

Soviet Silk

I have always loved silk especially dupioni. When I had the opportunity to visit Osh in Kyrgyzstan, I did not know that I would have the chance to purchase silk made in the area during Soviet times. Winding the open air market with Kimi, my Kyrgyz guide, in her four inch heels, we came upon the stall full of silk. Not all of it was from Soviet times and I was asked to feel the different silks to see if I could determine the difference. It was not hard. The weight and feel of the Soviet silk was unmistakable. I was also shown the tags on the silk bearing the ax and sickle. I also purchased one piece of Soviet cotton/silk blend. I pass around the silk samples that I have collected in my travels. Someday I hope to find a project worthy of its use.


  1. This is a gorgeous picture, what great patterns and colors! I love silk best of all, I have a rapidly dwindling stash of silk brought back from India that I love using. Hope you find that worthy project.

  2. Did you buy dupioni? I wish I had bought more but isn't that always the case. The wonderful thing about this silk is you can use either side and get a totally different look. Too cool!

  3. Probably the plan fulfillment had to do with the weight of the cloth they produced. So there was no reason to save material, on the contrary. The plan fulfillment on the sector of lorries created types almost too heavy to move away from the factory door.


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