Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day of the Dead

My love of the Mexican culture began in elementary school when I met my friend Patricia. While she was embarrassed by her culture, I was fascinated. I loved the idea that for a couple of days the veil between the world of the dead and the living was lifted and we could connect with our loved ones.

I was thrilled when heARTist Trading Card decided to use my suggested theme. I was pulled between two ideas so I decided to do both. I created the sugar skulls out of clay. They were fired in a kiln twice. I added jewels, dimensional paint and a star. I also added leather or waxed linen thread so that they can be hung.

While I was waiting on the sugar skulls, I also created some paper ATCs and used wigglie stickers of skulls or wiggle stereoscopy images that I have had since the 1980s when I collected them with my friend Karen Klein. It's time to start using up treasures from the past. On the ATC where you cannot see the wigglie, I put it on the back. I'll mail the treasures today. I think this has been the latest I have sent things out since the group began. Thankfully I still met the deadline. Meeting deadlines is important to me.

What treasures have you held on to and how long have you had them?

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