Monday, July 8, 2013

The Gift Hummingbird: Another 6-inch Square

This summer I have been blessed with a very friendly hummingbird. While we usually have hummingbirds pass through during their migration, I have not had one stay around for this long. It has flown into my garage and buzzed around me on two occasions.  It has often stayed close by when I have been working in my yard. Honoring this incredible gift was a lot of fun.

The hummingbird was created out of paper. The background is again duck cloth painted with fluid acrylics. I am enjoying this new direction and want to play more with painting duck cloth. Are you trying anything new?


  1. I have started doing some painting with thickened dyes. I like the dyes as it doesn't change the hand of the fabric and I still like that aspect. It's all fun.

    1. I haven't tried thickened dyes yet but it sure sounds like fun. More fun is definitely needed in life!


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