Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heather Lair

Yesterday I learned that Heather Lair had died on July 3. I "met" Heather through Postmark'd Art and got to know her even better when I interviewed her for an essay, "The Oldest UFO," in my book, Quilts in the Attic.  It was wonderful to have a Canadian quilt story and one with such a rich family connection. Who knew hoarders existed in the late 1800s was one of our favorite jokes.  Heather shared so honestly about her mistakes while she worked on the quilt. We touched base not too long ago and I teased her about the quilt still not being finished. I hope that someone in her family does take up the cause because it was Heather's desire that it be finished one day. Her death is a loss also to the quilt world. She was wildly talented and a very kind and caring person. I will miss her.

-all paths lead to the beach! by Heather Lair

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