Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Zetti ATC- Putting Stretch Marks on My Confront Zone

This month's ATC theme for heARTist Trading Cards is Zetti which caused me some anxiety. However, I know that the things that scare me the most are the things I need to do. After a little research, I finally came to the conclusion that Zetti was really just about creating whimsy which helped me to relax and enjoy the ride. I readily admit that my attempt is definitely one of a beginner but still one that I am not embarrassed to share.

The photograph is of my grandmother (adopted as she was my father's legal guardian's wife but those kinds of connections don't matter if you are a kid, when we are young we just love the people who love us), Rachel Kuntz Field, dancing on the lawn in 1919. I knew her as a Baptist woman who loved teaching children music via the piano. It was not until after her death when I retrieved photos out of the trash that I learned more about her past which is why I titled these pieces "if only i knew." I truly wish she had shared more about this time in her life with me. Who do you wish was around for you to find out more?

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