Saturday, September 19, 2009

Maria's Spirit Doll

I was so pleased when the group embraced making "Spirit" dolls with my pattern. Maria H. was the first one to finish. She plans to give the doll to her sister who is dying of brain cancer. It has been so much fun to watch these dolls being created and seeing how they refect the inner spirit of each women. I will be posting more photos.


  1. I have been following this group for a while, and once again am SO impressed....even envious of the freedom and personal expression involved in each one! They ALL do what good art should do, and that is reflect the artists life, or ideals, or culture, or experience in her personal signature style.

    Maria's doll made me want to buy it! As I am a collector of folk/outsider art, and would love this in my home. However the use Maria will put to it, is far more significant.
    Christina's work shows great fabric mixes to form her landscape....and the Milagros are a special truly Mexican embellishment.
    Macrina's has really good stitchwork and interesting images....makes me want to look at it closely and in person!
    Martha's work has great details in it and such bold design. I wish I could read Spanish, as the text no doubt, adds to the meaning of the work.
    Florinda is obviously a fearless artist, taking risks by doing rather than speculating. HaHa! I would also probably have melted tulle, but you never know what will happen if you don't try. Her composition reminds me of the decorated cemeteries I came across while traveling in Mexico. They gave me a different perspective on passing ...that maybe it isn't all sadness but also a celebration?

    I do hope all these artists continue on their creative paths!

    Pamela Allen

  2. I am so over the top impressed with the work these women are doing! All of the pieces I've looked at look like the work of seasoned artists, not beginners. I hope they all continue their journey of expression through fiber art...I look forward to seeing more!

  3. I think this work is wonderfully creative, and does not look like the work of a beginner. This piece shows a budding artist, and no doubt will have given her a focus that may well develop into a lifetime career.

  4. Wow. The work of this group is amazing!

  5. Maria has a feel for fiber, and her doll will bring love and comfort to her sister. I had never thought of a doll as a healing tool, but this is in inspired idea and an inspired work of art.


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