Thursday, September 17, 2009

Christina Carlos' Second Quilt

I think Christina is amazing. I love her sense of design and that she always has movement in her work. I think with time she could make a big splash in the world of art and I hope she gets the chance.


  1. I think you are the feeling of is like she is walking into the light...and with the additional symbolism with the cross behind her this piece makes a powerful statement.

  2. I love the lightness and movement she managed to get into her quilts as well. She is a very, very talented quilter. Her design sense is right on. I love how she incorporated the milagros as well as the translations on the bottom. Extremely well done and I am sure she can go far if she continues.

    Her work so far is far more impressive than a Latina from the area who has gotten Kudos...keep at it!

  3. Christina has used a delicate hand and tells me her story with great sensitivity. It's a story than can be interpreted by each viewer and still have a great deal of meaning.


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