Monday, January 4, 2016

Treasures from the Past

First, thank you to everyone for the kind words. It has been wonderful to reconnect. I have missed you!

This year is not going as planned. My grandson shared his cold and it hit me hard. I've been battling a nasty cough and congestion for 9 days. Guess I needed to rest. I have worked on the first dress. Dipping the resin, as opposed to brushing it on, was a challenge. I think I am going to need to brush more resin on if I want to add anything to it especially at the top. The dress was too pale so I dyed it with strong tea and turmeric. I do like the way it looks. I am still undecided about adding wings, but not sure that as it is that it is enough so please share your thoughts. This is the medium sized dress/slip. It is 19 inches tall by 14 inches wide.

I was surprised by how many people reached out to me about their family treasures and their struggles. I think this is a great topic for us to explore if you are game. Perry has lots of family lace and wonders what others would do with it. I am sure she would appreciate suggestions as I did not have any. I was also asked if I feel any guilt about how I am using this gift from my mother-in-law and honestly, I don't. I feel gifts should not have strings and my mother-in-law never expressed more than she wanted me to have Carolyn's clothes because she knew I would care about them, which I do. I also feel that having them out in the world if even just on my blog is better than sitting in a drawer. So I look forward to being healthy again and hearing your thoughts. So is it enough? And don't forget thoughts on all of Perry's family lace. Also I would love to hear if you have also transformed a family heirloom/object.


  1. Here's a link to a Maryland artist, Karen Peacock, who uses vintage dresses in her paintings. Her work is breathtaking and moving. Link: So good to see your posts again. Blessings.

    1. Thanks! I love what she has done with vintage clothing. Hugs.

  2. Unless something is of museum quality (in which case it should be donated with its provenance), I believe in finding a way to breathe new life into family possessions. Their original owners used the items, so why shouldn't I?


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