Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vertigo and Life- I Am Back!

On August 4th I got out of bed, took two steps and fell down.   I spent the next three days in bed with bad vertigo so I spent time reading. The vertigo still comes and goes. Two weeks after the vertigo, I was back in bed with a crashing sinus headache. No reading this time just restless sleep for three days. Thought all was well until I started having a runny nose and intense sinus pain. Finally decided a trip to the doctor was needed. Couldn't get in to see my regular doctor so I saw someone I hadn't seen in 14 years. Because I had not been in to see a doctor except for an annual physical, I was prescribed amoxicillin. Got worse. Back to the doctor for a stronger antibiotic. I am not a good sick person. Thankfully the antibiotics worked but I lost a lot of time. Still playing catch up!

There is some good news. On September 22, my granddaughter Zora was born. I have been trying to help out by playing with her big brother Tyler. I look forward to getting to know her.

I can tell you that I have spent a lot of time thinking about things like why I can get so much done for others but put myself last. Trying to change. It's not easy. Thanks to everyone for their kind emails of concern. I promise to get back into the habit of keeping my blog up-to-date. More tomorrow.


  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  2. dear Karen, i am so relieved that you are better. Congratulations on your lovely new granddaughter.
    Elizabeth Own


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