Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turning Tides: Thanks Liz

On January 30th, I did a "Give Away with a Twist" that was inspired by my friend Kathy Schmidt. I did sign up with a couple of people that were inspired by my posting. Well I got a package in the mail from Liz Lystra who received one of my give aways. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful art with me. It bought more than a smile. The message on the card especially spoke to me. The more artwork that I share, the better I feel about creating. I do not have enough room to store it all or even to sell it all so that is the next issue to decide. What to do with it all? Thoughts?


  1. This strikes me as the same issue with wanting to use up 'those scraps.' We all know that the more you stitch, you the more you have. And so it seems to go with sharing -- the more you share, the more is to come back to you. You must be feeling blessed.


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