Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More on the ABC's of Life

When was the last time you were really excited and engaged in something? For me it has been quite a while so it has felt so good to be playing and creating the ABC's of Life accordion books. Thanks Marie for making this one of our trades! I have actually completed two! The first one helped me learn and figure it all out. The second opened me up to more possibilities. Can't wait to see what the third one brings.

It has been great doing something that I want to do instead of something that I should be doing. I think my long period of navel-gazing is over. I continue to clear the crap that has cluttered my life. There are still plenty of things that I could clean out and I will.  I know that this is a lifetime endeavor. Dealing with so much loss in the last year and a half, my bereavement forced me to be still, giving me time to reflect and reconsider every part of my life. I still feel fragile. I do feel lighter and firmly believe that art heals.

I have decided to create some other smaller books filled with quotes that I love. A continuation on the theme but not tied to letters of the alphabet. It feels good to be in a creative zone again!

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