Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm Not Crazy Exhibit

Sue Reno, juror of I'm Not Crazy, kindly took photographs of the exhibit while it was at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, in Oaks, Pennsylvania from September 13-16.

Here is what Sue shared, " was able to attend the show at PNQE and see the exhibit.  It was absolutely wonderful to view it in person!  I was already very familiar with the imagery, but I gained a new appreciation for each piece as I was able to see all the textures and details up close and personal.  I was very moved by the individual and collection emotive power that these quilts and their stories evoked.

I spent some time speaking with some of the people who were viewing the exhibit as I was there, and their comments were universally appreciative and complimentary.

About the setup--this PNQE venue, the Expo Center, is not one of my favorites.  It's a generic cavernous barn of a building that is starting to show its age.  That being said, the show is well arranged and well run within it, it draws a lot of attendees, and the I'm Not Crazy exhibit had a nice piece of real estate. The lighting is often problematic at this type of show, but this exhibit was positioned under a row of lights that were adequate.  The staging was generous, with enough room around each quilt to view it without distraction.

They are not great pictures, as the black drapes, shiny signs, and lighting made photography a bit problematic, but I know how much fun it is to see your quilt actually at a show so I have shared them regardless.  You are all welcome and you have my permission to use them in your own blogs and publicity efforts. "

I actually think the photo is not pretty good. Feedback has been positive and a catalog is underway.

Here is feedback from one of the participant's (Judy Kirpich) brother that I found quite touching, "I recently attend a showing of I'm Not Crazy. My sister's work had been entered and hers was chosen. The piece by Judy Kirpich was about her experience with her brother during a particularly bad case of depression. This is where I come into the story as I am proudly her brother. The show besides the fact that my sisters work was in it, more importantly was an amazing learning experience. Suffering from sever depression over the last 35 years It went straight to the center of my soul. These artists understood the predicament of depression and it could be seen and understood through a work of art that was now embedded in my memory. The powerful magic of this show should be shared with others that need the healing that comes with the viewing of these masterpieces."

If you have not had a chance to see the quilts, please do. It is an interesting collection of quilts. I hope I get the chance to see the exhibition in person. Next stop is Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, California, October 11-14. If you happen to go, please take pictures for me and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks! 


  1. I'm looking forward to viewing this exhibit at PIQF in October. I'll share photos with you.

    1. Thanks! I would love to hear your thoughts too. Hugs.


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