Thursday, April 5, 2012


 This month's theme for Arts in the Cards exchange is rain. I got carried away and made two different sets. I began with rain drops (second photo) because I wanted to see what I could do with recreating motion with fabric. The entire time I was making them I kept thinking "April showers bring May flowers" so I decided to make a second set of cards.

Most of the time  I  don't enjoy making the same thing over and over again so I made my paper ATCs all different. Marie Johansen convinced me to purchase a Sizzix Big Shot, which reminds me of my pasta maker, because she always sends her ATCs in amazing embossed envelopes. I'm addicted! There's nothing like having another enabler in my life (said with humor and lots of love). By the way, I convinced her to purchase Martha Stewart's scoring board so it's working both ways. I can't wait to see the boxes and other wonderful things the highly talented Marie will make with it. Anyway, the Big Shot embosses paper beautifully so if you look closely at my ATCs you will see that the backgrounds are embossed. I'm all about background and words! I feel most successful when I have both. These were fun to make and I hope my fellow artists enjoy them as much I as enjoyed making them.There is something about creating little works of art (2.5" by 3.5") that always makes me happy and provides me with the incentive to stretch as an artist.


  1. Working small is so hard for make it look easy, with great results. Nice cards!

    1. For me, working small is not a problem. My problem is not over thinking! Hugs, Karen


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