Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Holstee Manifesto

I stumbled upon a company, Holstee, and wanted to share. I have seen their manifesto pop up many times since I first saw it in the fall of 2009. It's available as a poster and a greeting card made of 50% elephant poo and 50% recycled paper. Who knew elephant poo could be used so beautifully! They have other items too. Most I love the story behind the company because I love that others have had success with positive intentions.

"We wrote a manifesto but we never wrote a business plan.

In the months leading up to the summer of 2009, Holstee was just a small side project. We had sold a hundred or so shirts, mostly to family and close friends looking to support us. Having just quit our jobs without a plan or idea of how we would spend our days, we were filled with a ton of raw energy, emotion, and ideas - a feeling that we never wanted to forget. So the first thing Holstee's three founders - Mike, Fabian and Dave - did was sit together on the steps of Union Square and write down exactly what was on their minds and the tips of their tongues. It wasn't about shirts and it wasn't about their old jobs. It was about what they wanted from life and how to create a company that breathes that passion into the world everyday. It was a reminder of what we live for. The result became known as the Holstee Manifesto.

A message that has since been shared over 500,000 times and viewed over 60 million times online. Years later it is encouraging and inspiring to see how many people the words of The Holstee Manifesto resonate with. Above all else, it has confirmed for us that with genuine positive intentions, anything is possible."

Check them out! I know my gift giving just got a whole lot easier. Oh, and I do want to add to their manifesto, "If you don't have enough time, get off your computer." I have done just that and it's amazing what I'm accomplishing.

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