Sunday, December 18, 2011


I began keeping journals in Composition books more than thirty years ago. They were cheap, yet sturdy. A great size for carrying around and storing. Nearly fifteen years ago I decided I would like to make a cover and I included a bookmark and a place to put a pen. Now I'm thinking about adding a pocket since I always seem to be picking things up and somethings simply sliding them into the pages is not safe enough.

I love black and white fabrics with hints of red so that's what I used for my first journal cover. I amazed at how well it has held up since I carry it everywhere. One of the fabrics (the black and white polka dot on the left) is fading and there is wear on the edge, but overall I am still happy with it. Making and giving these as gifts is something I do often. I will teach how to make them in the first class in Italy. It is also one of my workshops.

I am back to writing my book on my technique. It's time.  Also time to play again! Enjoy!

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  1. They are all so beautiful! It's a wonderful idea and not to mention, the fantastic creativity!
    Martha D.


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