Monday, August 8, 2011

Sizzle Two

My oldest son Jeremiah is getting married on Sunday to a wonderful woman Sang. Just finished a wall hanging for them.  I have not been someone who has remade a quilt. More than ten years ago I made a quilt with this same design. I was playing with half square triangles in an effort to give my students and especially my Georgian Quilt Group (country not state) examples. Well, it turned into my family's favorite. I titled it "Sizzle" so this will be "Sizzle 2.0".  The joke for years has been "You love me best so I get the quilt." This version is a little pinker than the original but it stays pretty true to the original. Hopefully Jeremiah and Sang will like it. For me, it was an interesting experience and one that was more enjoyable than I expected. I suspect it was because it was being made with lots of love.


  1. What a beautiful quilt. I'm sure it fills a whole room with warmth and they will love it!

  2. Eva, thanks so much! I'll let you know what they think.

  3. Love to you and Jeremiah.....have a WONDERFUL wedding....sounds wonderful and the quilt is gorgeous!


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