Thursday, November 4, 2010

Making Cards

I've been making greeting cards for a while now. My focus is on writing. However, it cannot be me entire  life. I also need something that does not take a lot of time. Making cards seems to be a nice way to balance my need to be creative without taking too much time. I try to make a card each morning while I am waiting for my oatmeal to cook. This means I have eight minutes to accomplish my mission. This also means I cannot over think during the process.
Here is the Halloween I made for my friend Barbara. She is my partner in crime. For the last couple of years, we have gotten together on Fridays to create Christmas gifts for our family and friends. The background paper and hand were from a trick or treat bag. Wish I had bought more than just one package. The bird and happy Halloween were from a package of stickers from JoAnn's for a dollar. Again, why didn't I buy more than one? I love the crow. The stars were from a punch and paper from a mail insert. The swirl is also a sticker. It was a fun filled 8 minutes! And more importantly, Barbara liked it.


  1. Karen, we are totally kindered spirits! Love your cards, and what a good idea to grab 8 min while the oatmeal cooks :-)

  2. Karen, I love the card and the mixed items that you used to make it. Making a card in 8 minutes is a great idea and I would love to try and see if I can do this. My oatmeal takes 2 minutes, smiles. I could borrow your time and add my two minutes and make it in ten!

  3. Thanks for the comments. Diana, I make Irish Oats. You should try them. Yummy. I also think 10 minutes is a great plan. Let me know how it works.


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