Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Christina Carlos

On Saturday while I was at the National Museum of Mexican Art teaching, I took pictures (with permission and only of the quilt group member's work) of the quilts hanging in the Rastros y Cronicas: Women of Juarez exhibit. The exhibit will be up until July 4th. An artist  took her piece out early. Her decision caused this wonderful opportunity for the women in the quilt group (Las puntadas del alma/Stitches of the Soul). The gallery is dark so I did the best I could with the photography. I also didn't want to hang out in the gallery too long taking photos just in case others came to view it. I think Christina has a promising future in art. I also think the museum did a great job displaying the works. Of course, it's always better in person! Hope you get a chance to see it. It's an incredibly moving exhibit.


  1. Sometimes I feel that the women whose art you have shown have an incredible urge to express themselves, which puts them in a row with artists like Frida Kahlo. I feel a little ashamed about living a comfortable life and creating comfortable art. We get a direct view on a rising self-esteem or even a break-through. I think this is wonderful.

  2. Eva, I could not have said this better myself. Wait until you see her next piece. Her creative growth is amazing.


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