Thursday, October 1, 2009

Felt Quilt

Feltmaking has a long tradition in Georgia (country not state) and I became fascinated by the process on my very first visit. Before making this piece, I had felted three times when I was in Georgia. With Inga (feltmaker from Holland), I made a ball. I also have a cube that she made me which I keep in my studio. With Elska (another feltmaker from Holland), I made a small purse. And with my good friend Maia, I felted a scarf I knitted. It took more than six hours and my hands became bloody. This is done by hand not with a machine of any kind. We decided that thinner yarn was the way to go next time!

To help me with my grieving over not going back this fall, I attempted felting again and this time decided to also make it into a quilt. I'm not sure I will ever make a great felter but it is fun to play. My house kind of disappeared but I was able to embroider it back in. The tree definitely came out different than I envisioned and I like it! I added beads to remind me of the incredible night skies that I have experienced while in Georgia. The moon is dupioni silk, another love of mine, that I had appliqued. It's 13 inches by 12 inches.

The buttons are from my trip to Maine. Georgia has these amazing walls made from black stones and I wanted to somehow to include them. Anyway, aren't the buttons cool? My friend Elizabeth turned me on to them. They are from a company called "Island Stone." kariska the artist who makes them says, "summer island living and nature's artistry are the inspirations for my work with hand selected beach stones I create unique adornments." If you would like some buttons, check out her etsy

Feltmaking makes you slow down. There is just no rushing the process. It gave me time to reflect on the times and friends in Georgia. I would close my eyes and be transported.


  1. Karen, this is glorious, I am just stunned. Any chance you would want to part with it?

  2. You are so filled with courage...I can't even imagine felting...the thought of those warm fuzzy fibers sticking to my fingers in this AZ heat just doesn't sound inviting...but, you have created a little beauty!

  3. Hi Karen,
    I have wanted to go to Georgia for over 25 years. I do not know how to felt by hand. However, your gorgeous work has inspired me to try.
    Wishing you Joy on your Journey,

  4. Hi Karen,
    I love your felt wall hanging. It turned out great. I am just starting to work with wool roving, so you have inspired me. Keep up the great work!


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