Friday, June 13, 2014

It's About Time

I inherited a lot of the family things that no one else wanted- a box of old photos, button jars, etc. I have had some things for years and other things more recently before my dad died. My children never knew these people and I know that they would not care to keep these things so I decided to create some altars/shrines using the things that I have inherited. The actual altars were created out of clay then I painted them (instead of glazing) to give them a worn look. At my show at ClaySpace Ceramic Arts Center, I met ceramic artist Gina Lee Robbins who creates incredible organic sculptures. When Gina contacted me about the Oak Park Art League's show It's About Time, I was deeply touched. Her comment that my altars were perfect for the show and that the community was filled with "wonderful, caring artists," convinced me to give it a try. However, I had to push through some fear to actually wall through the door. The welcome I got nearly made me cry. The executive director raved about my work, called it "perfect" for the theme and wants to showcase my work. Wow! I cannot wait to go to the opening tonight. A new adventure.


  1. Karen, congratulations! the shrine is a wondeful idea and it was an interesting twist to paint the clay. So, solo show of your clay works?

  2. What a great use of things dear to you. Congratulations on doing the work and now having an opportunity to share it in your community!


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