Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Women Who Broke All the Rules- Denver

I started Crossing the Line: Artists at Work (CLAW) because I wanted to educate people on the power of quilts. For more than a year, I have tried to get into university galleries with no luck. It has been a major frustration. It goes to show how much work still needs to be done to get people to understand that quilts are not just for the bed.

Women Who Broke All the Rules was at the Denver Quilt Festival IX (May 1-4). The Daily Blog (Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims) had a slide show about the show. The sign for our exhibit is the first image which I find confusing because only two of the quilts were shown- Kathy Schmidt's "Bloomers" and Vivien Zepf's "Behind Barbed Wire"were shown and at the end. Regardless, I am thrilled that Lilo who reported on the show like our exhibit which deals with women throughout history who made a difference. If you know a place that might be interested in showing these quilts, please let me know.

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