Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Importance of Community

Dawn asked me to bring in some of my work. Actually quite a few people at Clay Space have asked so on Saturday I took a few pieces in to share. I will admit to being nervous. I should not have been. The reception was so overwhelmingly good. Tom Davison immediately started taking photographs. He loved the backs as much as the fronts and took  20 photographs including the one that I am sharing here. Thanks Tom! I am so ready to get into my studio to work.

I gave Ken Maloney a small quilt of mine as a gift. We discussed that we are not into tit for tat. I simply thought that since he had gifted me a bowl, he should have a piece of my artwork too. It is what friends do. Again, I had no idea if he would even want the piece. He loved it!

I worked on the Day of the Dead mask that I am giving to John, the intern. He continually tells me that I am cool. To have a 25-year-old man tell me I am cool always makes me feel like a million dollars. It was so much fun experiencing his excitement as I checked in with him as the mask progressed. I want him to be happy with his gift.  I finished it last night and will give it to him on Saturday. I made this one larger than my first one. He is 7" x 10".

On the way out, I found three small pieces of copper pipe on the ground. I love these kinds of finds. Now I have to figure out something to do with them. Have you found anything cool lately?

I feel so blessed to have this community. A part of me wishes that it was a fiber community like Kindred Spirits in Houston. What I had not realized until lately is that I have missed being around creative people on a regular basis. When I walked in the door yesterday the first thing I heard was Ben saying, "Hello beautiful. I am so glad you are here." Besides community/people, it is good to get out of my comfort zone, to be a beginner, to fail, to explore, to learn something new in a supporting environment. I feel truly blessed.

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