Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meeting Janette Dwyer and My trip to Geneseo

The Geneseo Community Park District Quilters Guild was wonderful! One highlight was getting to meet Janette Dwyer. I will admit to having a moment of panic when two tour bus full of teenagers pulled up to the restaurant right before I was to meet Janette, but all went well.

Janette has a story, I Will, in my book, Quilts in the Attic. I also got to see the quilt (shown behind Janette) in the story in person and it's so interesting. Janette was a delight and a kind and caring person too.  It means so much to have met her.

The only downside to giving my lecture is it always makes me miss Georgia (country not state) and my friends there. Hopefully I'll get to see them soon. For now, I have lots of new friends in Geneseo.

The ride west towards Iowa to Geneseo is not filled with many interesting things to see. It's flat and the view is pretty much right now plowed fields. I did come across an interesting sign advertising the "Middle East Conflicts Memorial Wall" in Marseilles (pronounced Mahr-seh-less, not at all like its French namesake), a hamlet of 4,800. I wish I would have had time to stop and check it out. Of course, when I got home I Goggled it. After all I live by the saying, "Curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought her back." I realized it's been a while since I drove down Rt 80 because the wall has been there since 2004 or on my last trip, I simply wasn't paying close enough attention and missed the sign. Honestly, I'm not sure which one it was and I'm not sure it matters.  Anyway, if you too are curious, the organizations link no longer works, but you can read a nice article from WBEZ's blog from 2011. Life can be so interesting and I'm learning I need to build in more travel time so I am free to explore. Have you found anything along your travels like this?

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