Monday, March 30, 2009

The Prayer Inside Donna Sue's Quilt

Many years ago, I started including prayers, wishes, poems, etc. sewn inside of quilts. For Donna Sue, I choose the "Robe of Light" prayer since the quilt was meant to send love and healing to her.

I clothe myself with a Robe of Light,
composed of the Love, Power and Wisdom
from God. Not only for my own protection,
but for all who see it and come in contact with
it, will be drawn to God (dess) and heal.

Donna Sue slept under the quilt last night and hopefully she had wonderful dreams and felt all the love and healing that we all wished for her.

Lots of love and healing your way!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Donna Sue's Quilt Presentation Transcription

This was the presentation given by Katherine Eckstrand, Director of Community Development for the Ohio Arts Council, during the "Connecting Appalachia and the World through Traditional and Contemporary Arts, Crafts and Music" Session at the Appalachian Studies Association conference on March 28, 2009. Many invited music and arts panels were scheduled, including Donna Sue Groves, Consultant and Advisor for art organizations and communities: formerly Southern Ohio Field Representative-Ohio Arts Council and founder of Quilt Barns.

"I just want to say I'm Katerine Eckstrand. Donna Sue called me her boss for about 3 years, but those of you who know Donna Sue know that really she was my boss. Some of you may know that through budget cuts the Ohio Arts Council eliminated Donna Sue's position about 10 months ago. And it was shortly after that that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I made a promise to her to help get her through this time period, so I'm asking for your support. Donna Sue has given so generously of her time and talent to so many. If you have a quilt barn trail in your community or in your state, you have this woman to thank. It was through her vision and her generosity and now she needs our help, and if you are able to contribute to what I call her Recovery Fund, to help keep the original Quilt Barn in the hands of the original founder, please stop by our quilt booth in the Resource Room and help out..."

If you want to help Donna Sue and I hope you do, you can send your donation to
First State Bank of Adams County
210 Pike Street
Manchester, OH 45144

Checks should be made out to "The Donna Sue Groves Caring Account."

I want to thank Barb Childers for providing us with the transcription.

With gratitude,

More of Donna Sue's Quilt Presentation

Donna Sue's Quilt Presentation by Suzi Parron

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Label

It was important to me that the label for Donna Sue's quilt be special. Everyone involved has been calling this a "healing" quilt and the goal had been to present the quilt to her as close to the spring equinox as possible to represent the rebirth she will experience once she is finished with her treatment. The quilt will be presented to her tomorrow at the Appalachian Studies Conference in Portsmouth, Ohio, so goal will be accomplished! I only wish I could be there.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

This quilt was a labor of love for my friend Donna Sue Groves who is battling breast cancer. The blocks were all made by her friends. For many this was their first venture into making a block or transferring an image. The quilt is 100" by 78" and weighs more than 10 pounds. It is such a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman.

With gratitude,